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Who We Are

At Holy Kombucha, we are an independent, multi-cultural, family-run company that has endured the highs and lows of life, just like each one of you. We proudly embrace the global community and celebrate the 'holy' in everyone...because we can all be inspired to do good.

Our Mission

In 2011, we set our to create a beverage company that develops humble, honest, and healthy beverages that serve a 'holy good' purpose in everyone's daily life and rituals.

Our Story


Central Market becomes the first store to carry Holy Tepache. We also begin our national partnership with the Hope Squad.

Our Founder, Leo, is inspired by his childhood in South America and we begin the process of making our first batch of what will be Holy Tepache.

We become a Top 10 kombucha brand in the country and continue to help everyone drink well and do better. 

We make it into over 1500 stores nationwide. We pinch ourselves to make sure we're still not asleep.

Our Holy Kombucha is in Tom Thumb, Whole Foods, and Central Market in Texas. Our dream is turning into reality.

We start Holy Kombucha with the dream of sharing our love of kombucha with the world. We begin with four flavors.

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